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Jeremy Dakeyne Portrait, Chiropractor, smiling man

Jeremy Dakeyne


With a GP and a teacher as parents, I was in many ways bound to end up educating and helping patients achieve optimum health.

Having had a fair few injuries myself over the years I have learnt (occasionally the hard way) the importance of fixing and rehabilitating the root issue and not just patching up the symptoms. To this end I have trained extensively in paediatrics, pregnancy, western acupuncture, treatment of the athlete and Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT).

I enjoy treating all ages, from newborn to great grandparents, and writing up individual treatment programs for everyone. At a previous practice I headed up the Sports Injury Clinic and love tracking down the cause, no matter how complicated.

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Candice Taylor


During my teens I suffered from severe headaches and general ill health I decided enough was enough. I decided to take my health into my own hands and became passionate about healthy living.

Having seen how complementary therapies work hand in hand with mainstream medicine during my childhood in Asia I decided to go into chiropractic to help others that were in my position.

After studying for 5 years at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic I moved to Brighton and Hove. Since moving here I have work hard to help those who need it, becoming invested in each patient. 

I have undertaken extra training since graduation in the care of both pregnant mothers and babies becoming certified in the Webster technique. I have found my sessions with these groups some of the most joyful and interesting I have had.

I find medical dry needling alongside chiropractic and many other techniques useful to get patients back on track and keep them improving in their health and happiness.


Jacob Garrad

Mchiro DC

Following an interest in improving myself physically and mentally in the gym I came to chiropractic as a career choice. This interest grew and I wanted to help others do the same, chiropractic gave me an option to do this.

I studied at the AECC university college in Bournemouth, where I further increased my knowledge about the body whilst also learning other important parts of patients care such as good patient communication and how best to treat each patient as an individual.

I really enjoy the giving my patients my full attention, pin pointing the cause of their issue in a thorough and logical manner. I feel it is important to treat each patient as an individual to allow them to get the most out of their care and reach their goals -  the bonus of this is while best for the patient it also keeps things interesting for me!

I use the diversified technique, meaning I have a lot of different treatment options and can pick the best one for each individual case.

I was born and raised in Lancing, and as soon as I graduated I came right back here to live in the area I love!